100 pictures of a strawberry boat


I accidentally took 100 pictures of my strawberry patch.

I know I know I was gonna write Something Serious but it's 2 weeks and 3 abandoned pieces later so I’ve decided to stop letting that get in the way of providing the Wholesome Content that we know and love.

so anyways…

I took 100 pictures of my strawberry patch

here’s one:

I didn’t take them specifically to share, I didn’t really think about it tbh. I was just chillin in the part of the garden we call The Grove, smoking a j, watching the clouds and listening to the birds when all of a sudden I noticed how beautiful that strawberry patch is. like, I knew but in that moment I KNEW knew you know?

it’s moments like this that keep me going during These Uncertain Times… little moments of awareness and presence. when all of a sudden I’m just extremely Here & Now and I notice the colours in the clouds, the air on my skin, the way the light hits a certain leaf. in these moments I am overcome with the absolute beauty of our world. not only the natural world but also the many ways us humans interact with it, react to it, mold it and are molded by it. it’s in these moments that I experience True Gratitude, an appreciation for my life and all the other lives on this planet.

I truly and completely love us, all of us, humans, animals, the plants that sustain us, those mysterious fungi who cannot be killed in any way that matters, even those winged jerks who insist on sucking my blood and stinging my feet.

it’s that love that fuels everything that I do. my desire for success so I can grow old on the land, my obsession with creating a better society for the next generations, my passion for food, clothing, culture and music, my occasional bouts of despair, these are all side effects of my deep and enduring love for us all.


enough with that mushy stuff

time to check out my strawberry patch AKA Strawberry Boat

it's cool as fuck

here it is

oh and those tall dudes that are not strawberry plants are marigolds. they are good companion plants when you live in the bush cuz deer think they’re yucky.

they also kinda look like tiny suns which is neat.

tiny delicate suns...

oh, and since I mentioned it, this is what the sky looked like that evening

that's all for now.

if you can, try and smell a flower and calm the shit down ok? it'll help I promise.

oh, and don't forget, you're included in the "us" that I love. yup. that means I love You too.