ok so I'm not coming back yet

so I have a weird confession to make: I’ve always suspected I’d see a global catastrophe in my lifetime. when I moved to the city at 18 years old I already had a plan for what I would do if the supply chains broke down and the grocery stores started running out of food. my plan was: grab my cat and flee to the country side where water and food come straight out of the ground. so on March 16th, 2020 that’s exactly what I did.

3 months later and it seems we are adjusting to our new reality, there is food in the stores again and businesses are slowly opening up. but here’s the thing… I’m not coming back yet. why? well there’s a Big Scary reason and a Warm Fuzzy reason…

let’s start with the Big Scary reason.

so first of all let’s pretend that human society is a computer. a virus has caused a catastrophic system failure so now the operating system must be completely rewritten. there is no redundant system to switch to so this new OS has to be delivered QUICKLY. how is that done? well obviously we try to salvage as much code as we can from the previous system, while hoping that none of that code contains any of the vulnerabilities that allowed the virus to infiltrate and overwhelm in the first place. AND DON’T FORGET we’re on a deadline and we’ve gotta get it to the users NOW. no there’s no time for testing, the end users will be the testers and we’ll patch the bugs as we find them GET IT LIVE NOW WE’VE BEEN OFFLINE FOR TOO LONG THE USERS WANT IT NOW GET IT DONE NOW!!!!!

ok so I’m being a little silly and possibly giving my techie friends flashbacks/high blood pressure HOWEVER I stand by my metaphor. the system failed and now they are beta launching a “new” one that is just a bunch of recycled code patched together with hopes and dreams. service industry workers are being used as beta testers to see if the “new” system adequately contains the virus. even in the low stakes game of updating our iPhones I don’t download the first version of a new OS. so why would I risk my life or the lives of my family on this hastily assembled and untested new system? even if we manage to avoid another catastrophic failure, these bugs will take a while to get worked out and in the meantime they can cause catastrophic failures in my favourite machines, our fragile and precious human bodies.

so yeah, the Big Scary reason is that I’m waiting for the release of “new normal” 2.2 or maybe even 3.1. luckily for me I have the privilege required to do so, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

and the Warm Fuzzy reason? the Warm Fuzzy reason is also incredibly privileged but waaaaaayyyy less grim. come back next week and I'll tell ya about it!

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