The Awesome Power of the Poofy Pink Dress

so embarrassing fact about me: for a lil while in my early 20’s I was one of those “not like other girls” girls. you know the type. the cut off jeans and a band t shirt, 6 pack of cheap beer and a fixed gear bike, “i just get along with guys better lol your sexist jokes are so funny” type.

so I never wore pink

pink was a silly colour for silly girls

I was a FOOL

luckily I grew up, unlearned all that internalized misogyny and got my head out of my ass

and one day early on in that process I bought myself a Poofy Pink Dress

isn’t that just the cutest lil pink poof?

but here’s the thing…

imo a Poofy Pink Dress is so much more than just a cute piece of clothing. it’s a celebration of femininity yes, but it’s also a rejection of old models of womanhood. models that told us we must be understated, mature and classy to be taken seriously.

yup, dressing like a giant pink cupcake is doing a feminism now!

and no, I will not be defending that statement lol

instead let’s just look at some cool ass Poofy Pink Dresses and I’ll tell you how they make me feel

(I will be referring to dresses with she/her pronouns for the rest of this piece just FYI)

here are 3 Poofy Pink Dresses that will live rent free in my mind forever

the one Gemma Chan wore to the 2019 Oscars

this Valentino gown is an absolute work of art. she famously brought Celine Dion to tears when she was debuted on the catwalk. I feel ya Celine, I had a similar reaction when I saw Gemma wearing her on the red carpet.

she’s completely over the top but still manages to feel subtle, which I think is due to her being monochromatic and adorned with only a ruffle collar. the tiered design with gathered seams goes top to bottom, giving her a smooth transition from loosely fitted bodice to massively voluminous skirt. the train is created with a sack style back and huge tiers of skirt, giving this Poofy Pink Dress the oversized Barbie Ball Gown vibes that dreams are made of.

she’s hella sophisticated and yet soooooo playful and girly


she has pockets!!!!!!!!!!

so Powerful. so Perfect.

the one that Tess Holiday wore to the 2020 Grammy’s that went on to become the viral sensation of the summer

yup. that one. The Strawberry Dress.

so I’ve been following Lirika Matoshi on Insta for a while and I saw this dress when she was first released last summer. I fell in love. but I was focused on building a practical, understated, “classy” wardrobe so I put her in the back of my mind and moved on. but then she went viral and I can no longer suppress my deep and eternal need for her.

it’s not hard to figure out why this dress went viral at a time when cottagecore is the Big Trend and people all over the world are turning to traditional skills like cooking, sewing and gardening to help cope with our reality shattering situation. the strawberry dress is whimsy, she’s joy, she’s ethereal. she invokes romantic picnics in the woods and frolicking through meadows and riding a silver unicorn into a golden sunset.

the strawberry dress is also amazing from a design standpoint. her low cut neckline, fluffy skirt and waist ties combine to make a garment that flatters every type of body. for real. Tess’ curves are showcased beautifully by the same dress that fits perfectly on the tiny tiktok teens who helped make it go viral. if you’ve never had to buy clothes for a body that isn’t model thin then you may not understand how impressive that is. but believe me, it’s vv impressive. I’m vv impressed.

a dress that makes everyone who wears her look like a powerfully benevolent fairy princess AND inspires joy and whimsy in a traumatized population…



the one Jodie Comer wore as Villanelle in S1E2 of Killing Eve

folks paying close attention to my twitter feed may have noticed that I posted about this dress the other day because I didn’t know the designer. embarrassing I know. but sometimes, if a piece of clothing is too powerful, I will purposely not look into it because I know I’d be helpless and have to buy it. alas now that I know she was created by Molly Goddard and is no longer in production I will be searching for her until the end of my days.


but yes, this dress is everything.

her delicate tulle bodice is sheer, making her incredibly versatile. but I am extremely partial to the styling on Jodie in this episode. the way this delicate and indulgent girly girl dress is paired with a black bralette and black boots in an expression of the duality of femininity is everything. soft, whimsical and delicate but also fierce, utilitarian and mighty. the skirts of this dress are made up of layer upon layer of gathered tulle with extra ruffled tulle panels on each side for good measure. she screams indulgence and excess and girlishness and joy in the most unabashed way.

if this dress was a person I’d marry her

if she was a book I’d dedicate my life to living by her principles

if she was a flower I’d save her seeds and lovingly cultivate her descendants year after year

this dress is Pure Feminine Power and I worship at her alter

*dies of aesthetic perfection*

so there you have it folks.

The Awesome Power of the Poofy Pink Dress, in all her incarnations.

she can be elegant, subversive, delicate, playful, indulgent, whimsical, girlish, excessive, sophisticated, ethereal or any combination thereof

know Her. respect Her. fear Her.

and maybe

if your so inclined

buy her

for me

(jk jk jk…)


till next time lovers 💋💋💋