turns out I really super like it here

so I grew up in the woods on a small farm and spent my teen years dreaming of escaping slow, quiet country life for the glitz and glamour of an urban existence. as I mentioned in my last post I moved to the city when I was 18 years old. over the years I often thought vaguely about returning to the woods for good in some distant future. but I hadn’t spent more then a few weeks away from the city in a decade or so.

I arrived at the farm mid March 2020 when the world ended. what I didn’t realize is that mid March is the beginning of planting and summer project season. with nothing else to do I threw myself into this work. we started some plants from seed inside greenhouse structures and mini indoor hydroponic systems. we put other seeds directly into the ground. over the last few months I’ve had a hand in designing the gardens, choosing the crops, planting the seeds/seedlings and nurturing them with water/weeding. much to my surprise I FUCKING LOVE IT!

every morning I go outside with my tea to water the plants and check up on their progress. when it rains and they don’t need water I still do my morning rounds, checking on growth, pulling out weeds, building/repairing dear proofing AND for a while in early June (this is quite silly but *shrug*) carefully unraveling pea tendrils that have grown around each other and hooking them onto the structure I built for them to climb. basically, I’m committed now. this is my garden, these are my plants and I can’t bear the thought of leaving them before we harvest the crops in the fall.

if we want to continue my metaphor from my last post, I’ve found an analog system to run while the engineers rebuild our OS. turns out that even tho it is slower, simpler and has much less functionality; it’s stable, practically incorruptible and unbelievably user friendly.

so yeah, in The Before Times I was a fancy escort in the city. now I am a hobby farmer in the woods. and to be completely honest: I have no intention of giving up either of these lives. please stay tuned while I figure out a way to do both.

in the meantime, I’ll be over here waiting for a few more versions of the OS to roll out while patiently and lovingly watching green things grow.

here is a tiny potato plant in early May and the same plant with all his buddies in early July. SO HUGE GOOD JOB POTATO DUDES!!!!

and my pea plants whose tendrils I once tenderly detangled are now a force to be reckoned with... here they are as tiny bbs in late April and as a massive pea producing bush in early July. unfortunately I didn't get any pics of them in between when they were the cutest lil guys reaching their tiny tendrils towards anything they could grab onto. the peas are delicious. thank you pea plants!

we planted a couple apple trees in April. one of them gave us beautiful blossoms but no fruit. but this lil guy is working hard already and I'm so proud of him! (don't judge the other tree. being transplanted is hard, she'll do better next year.)

these are tiny wildflowers that grow everywhere in the spring. the flowers are so small they'd almost fit on my thumb nail. a gift from the earth. I love them.

stay safe friends & lovers! see you next Tuesday!

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